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Fall in love with Venice

venice2Are you planning your dreamed trip to Italy? Rome is not the only one city that deserves to be visited. You must experience the unique beauty and atmosphere of Venice. It is not one of the most romantic tourist destination all over the world. This italian city provides its guests with many unforgettable events.

The most popular Carnival in the world

Venice had gained the international fame thanks to its Carnival. The Carnival of Venice is held every year. Its beginning its rated to the year 1162. The modern Carnival attracts many guest with colourful events and well-known colourful, distinctive masks.

Feel the music

Venezia Suona is an event that will satisfy everyone, who loves music. Its namce means “Venezia plays”. It refers to the many kinds of music. Hundreds of bands play anything from jazz to rock or folk.

Discover film art

Venice International Film Festival lasts 11 days and gives an amazing opportunity to get know the current european filmart. Most movies own english subtitles. It is great option for movie freaks.

Sleep well in Venice

Intensive attanding events in Venice requires your energy. If you want to gain energy during nights, book a lovely Venice hostel in affordable price.